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squirrel gathering acorns

Team ExakTime's app of the month!

We couldn’t decide again, so we picked two Apps of the Month from our employees’ current favorites this month, too. Unlike last time, however, these two are closely related: both help you save your pennies.

The first is called Acorns. It works really simply, and ExakTime Senior Marketing Developer Shaimoom Newaz said this: “Small amounts that round up my charges [on all debit card purchases] get invested. I’ve made $100 in the past year!”

The second one we chose is YNAB, or You Need A Budget. Our UX/UI architect, Tim Bell, swears by it. “It’s a budgeting tool with a specific but flexible methodology. It’s SaaS-based and has a great user interface,” he says. “Their documentation and support are top-notch as well.”

So one might be more effortless and one might help you save larger amounts, but both seem like they make saving a tiny bit more fun.