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Team ExakTime’s app of the month!

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We couldn’t decide again, so we picked two Apps of the Month from our employees’ current favorites this month, too. Unlike last time, however, these two are closely related: both help you save your pennies.

The first is called Acorns. It works really simply, and ExakTime Senior Marketing Developer Shaimoom Newaz said this: “Small amounts that round up my charges [on all debit card purchases] get invested. I’ve made $100 in the past year!”

The second one we chose is YNAB, or You Need A Budget. Our UX/UI architect, Tim Bell, swears by it. “It’s a budgeting tool with a specific but flexible methodology. It’s SaaS-based and has a great user interface,” he says. “Their documentation and support are top-notch as well.”

So one might be more effortless and one might help you save larger amounts, but both seem like they make saving a tiny bit more fun.


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