There isn’t one piece of equipment that works at all job sites, and it’s hard to imagine a universal tool—besides a hammer, drill, saw or line level—that could benefit every construction site. ExakTime has one. In fact, we have three of them.

Turn your smartphone into a time clock


People are forgetful, especially if there’s no habit already in place. But we’re willing to bet your crews always remember their phones. With ExakTime’s mobile app, all you need is a smartphone to track time anytime, at any job site—and the records are automatically sent to your office. Our app uses GPS to ensure your workers clock in and out on site. A biometrics feature also confirms workers’ IDs: the phone’s front facing camera snaps a photo of each worker at clock-in or clock-out so you know every punch is an honest one.

Make your time tracking wireless


Here are some big differences between an office and a construction site, not least that they’re often far apart. With JobClock Hornet, your foreman doesn’t have to deal with paper work and your payroll administrator won’t have to go to job sites to collect timesheets. With Hornet, workers clock in and out easily with green and red Keytabs, and you can say goodbye to driving out to job sites to collect time records: Hornet uses cell signals to wirelessly send your records safely and securely to the office every hour. Tracking time at the construction site doesn’t get any easier than this.

The toughest time clock ever


Our JobClock/EX is the toughest time clock on the planet. It’s waterproof and can weather all temperatures, and it stands up to the most rugged construction sites. The only thing that isn’t tough about the JobClock/EX is using it: it takes just seconds to clock in or out with green and red Keytabs. The EX stores up to 1,000 job activities and several thousand clock-ins—ensuring honest, accurate and secure time reporting down to the minute.

Use just one or any combination of our time and money-saving tools. They all communicate seamlessly with your accounting program through our software, TimeSummit, and each guarantees a more secure and convenient way to track time from the most rugged job sites—something all construction sites can use.