Automated time and attendance systems aren’t just for mobile workforces. They’re perfect for collecting time and attendance data in the office too.

ClockPoint Connect, our online time clock, offers all the benefits of accurate, intuitive data collection in a format perfect for the office.

Easy To Set Up And Use

If you have a desktop or laptop computer that’s connected to the Internet, your office is already ClockPoint Connect compatible. ClockPoint Connect works with any PC or Mac.

To begin tracking time and job activities, workers simply login with their unique username and password, choose their cost code and work location and click the green “Go” icon to clock in and the red “Stop” icon to clock out.

A web-based time and attendance system means no more hard-to-read or inaccurate handwritten time cards, saving your small business thousands on payroll costs and time theft.

A Complete Time Clock System

ClockPoint Connect is a complete time tracking clock with all the tools and features you need to improve and simplify your payroll management system. Track an unlimited number of employees, job activities and worksites all with one easy-to-use program.

Data can easily be sorted and categorized before it’s synced to our time attendance software: TimeSummit.

Finally, a time attendance clock that grows with your small business.

Employee Management Software That Works

Our time attendance software, TimeSummit, is the perfect data collection and management point for all of our time attendance systems.

TimeSummit allows time and attendance data gathered by ClockPoint Connect in your office to be stored digitally with other records from a JobClock or time clock app in the field.

Analyze, edit and organize the time and attendance data from every component of your business in one convenient location!

Once you’ve looked over the data it can be exported to your payroll package via our AccountLinx software.

Want to learn more about ClockPoint Connect and our other time clocks for small business? Contact us!