We had a great conversation earlier this year with ExakTime customer Pilot Painting, a 200-employee commercial painting and construction outfit from Orange, California.

They are the ones who cleverly said this about paper time cards: “”Well, it was actually very easy. Everybody always got 40 hours.”

First off, Pilot Painting General Manager Jake Patton and his office manager, Joe Estrada, were really nice guys—we wish we got to chat with them more often. Second, they had so many positive things to say about ExakTime that we couldn’t include them all in the case study.

Here are a few outtakes from our interview with Jake and Joe.

Case study outtakes

Here’s Joe on the contrast between tracking time on paper or in a spreadsheet versus entering it into ExakTime, where you have access to instant reports:

“Time was manually put in via paper timesheets every Wednesday and then I would enter them into a spreadsheet and then from the spreadsheet into the payroll program in our computer….It was more paper shuffling…but with ExakTime the reports are amazing.”

We’re a wholly sustainable business that has a better handle on what our true expenses are, and what our profits should be. -Jake Patton, Pilot Painting

Jake on money savings:

“ExakTime really saved us an insane amount of money and it’s not savings in our payroll expenditures every two weeks, [but] it’s showing up in the improvement of our job profitabilities. I was expecting to see a 5 to 8% profit improvement on our jobs, and again, it’s better than that. It’s exceeded my expectations, by far.”

Joe on the payroll process with ExakTime:

“I am way ahead of the game on payroll this week.”

“Every employee understands that we have a fully accountable system here, and that everybody has that level of trust. We’re paying them on time, we’re paying them overtime if that’s the case…and we’re expecting them to be honest with us.”

Joe on reports:

“I mainly use the timesheet summary report and then I go from there in terms of their clockins and clockouts inside or outside the geofence.”

Jake on the future with ExakTime:

“We’re a wholly sustainable business that has a better handle on what our true expenses and what our profits should be. This does really open up a kind of runway for us to move into the future with more confidence in our ability to control and manage our overall operations, even when we have 30 or 40 jobs going on in the field at any given time.”