Q: When is a paper time card a good thing?

If you answered ‘Never’, that’s a very good guess.

When employee time cards or time sheets are filled out manually, scheduling and tasks get forgotten and misrepresented—so the information, especially as it adds up over time, is not even close to accurate.

ExakTime solves that problem with digitized time and cost code tracking that’s 100% accurate. But when you buy an ExakTime system, you also get a lot more.

One of the most helpful and valuable features of all our solutions is the instant report creation, with over 40 powerful reports that crunch the latest data about job sites, employees, tasks and more, letting you make informed business decisions and better manage your workforce in the field.

In addition to reports that show you the worker hours spent on a job site so far, or which task took the most hours this week, an employee time card is one of the report options. Once an employee’s actual time has been collected via our clocks or mobile app, TimeSummit takes their hours from any date range you choose and puts them in traditional time card format.

Now you have an accurate time card you can print out for your employee’s reference or to have him or her approve and sign. Our customers often use this time card format to show employees when they worked anytime a small dispute arises, before it becomes a big one.

“My workers can’t really argue with what the computer says,” Karen Anderson, director of finance at South Florida Excavation in Naples, FL told us.

“Nine times out of ten employees forget they took a certain day off or had a dentist appointment and left early,” said Mike Cooper at Cooper Drywall & Painting in Knoxville, TN. “Now all I have to do is print out a time card and show them, and they remember.”

So let’s try this again…

Q: When is a paper time card a good thing?

A: When the information is compiled instantly from 100% accurate digital time records collected on the job site or in the field in real time—so that it reliably reflects when your employees actually worked.