Payroll is the largest expense for most businesses.

If your employees rely on pencil-and-paper time cards to track their work, they’re probably adding up their hours at the end of the week and turning them into the bookkeeper. Then your bookkeeper has to spend countless hours deciphering barely legible time cards and entering that data into your payroll package.

This method allows for costly payroll errors at two different points in the process.

First, employees can easily alter pen and paper time records in their favor and add hours they didn’t work to their totals.

And, even if none of your employees are stealing time, errors easily can be made during the manual data entry process.

Whatever the reason, inaccurate time and attendance tracking and, by extension, inaccurate payroll processing, can cost your business thousands.

Our Payroll Solution

With pen-and-paper time records, payroll management can’t begin until all employees have added up their hours and turned in their time cards.

On the other hand, an automated time and attendance tracking system allows payroll processing to begin as soon as you start tracking your employees’ time.

With our time tracking solutions, payroll is an automated, streamlined and ongoing process, not some dreaded task that takes countless hours to complete at the end of every pay period.

Best of all, the data your working with is 100% accurate because our digital tracking devices make buddy punching and time theft impossible.

No More Manual Data Entry

Entering time and attendance records into your payroll package by hand isn’t just inaccurate, it’s inefficient. Our automated payroll solutions do away with this tedious and error-prone method.

Make data entry errors a thing of the past with our 100% accurate, speedy data exportation options!

Time and attendance records gathered by one of our collection devices or time attendance clocks can be exported wirelessly into our time clock software, TimeSummit.

TimeSummit allows you to easily and effectively store, edit and organize your employees’ time and attendance data. You can even custom categorize cost codes, job sites and employees for faster data retrieval.

Once in TimeSummit, our AccountLinx software exports your attendance records from TimeSummit into your payroll package almost instantly with a few simple clicks of the mouse. AccountLinx can reduce the time you spend on data entry by 92%!

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