ExakTime’s TimeSummit time and attendance software offers a variety of views to display your time records and time card reports. The following is a breakdown of the different options you can use to review your records.


Daily Summary View

This is the default Time Cards view.

It shows a simple list of your employees and all of their time records within the dates chosen in the Time Card View dates. If you are interested in reviewing employee records, this is the simplest way to see your data and the fastest way to interact with individual records.

Weekly Summary Review

The weekly summary view allows you to skim over your employees’ hours on any given day, without getting bogged down in the minutia of every individual punch. If you notice that one of the daily totals does not look right, you can view the details for the day in the bottom part of the screen.

Calendar View

Calendar view is a very straight-forward way to review time records in a familiar, calendar-like display.

Clicking on an employee’s name will bring up a visual representation of that employee’s complete time records (incomplete time records will not be displayed in this view). This view allows time records to be easily split.

This can be particularly useful if you have employees who clocked into one cost code for the whole day, but worked on multiple tasks that you want to track separately using different cost codes.

The other feature the Calendar View is the ability to “paint” time and attendance records. This allows you to quickly and easily change time records from one cost code to another.

Location View

Location View is best if you want to review the time records from a specific location.

It displays a list of your locations so you can easily identify which job sites your employees have worked on in the specified date range just by seeing which locations are displayed in regular font, as opposed to the locations with no hours, which are displayed in italics.

This is particularly useful because TimeSummit will only display the employees who worked at the selected location.