Effectively managing your payroll system is an essential but time consuming aspect of any business.

Make life easier for yourself and your bookkeeper by automating your payroll system. ExakTime offers the tools you need so you can spend less energy focusing on payroll logistics and more on boosting profits.

It’s all about proper payroll management.

Time Clock Software: TimeSummit Payroll Management

TimeSummit, our time clock software, is your first step toward streamlining payroll management.

TimeSummit allows you to electronically organize, store and edit your time and attendance records using a variety of tools and features. You can categorize groups of employees, job sites and cost codes to make locating records quick and easy.

Best of all, TimeSummit calculates daily overtime, weekly overtime, shift rounding, lunch and travel automatically.

TimeSummit is an green payroll system too, allowing you to organize and store time and attendance records without a single sheet of paper.

AccountLinx Makes Transferring Your Data To Payroll Easy

TimeSummit handles the time and attendance tracking for payroll management.

AccountLinx allows you to seamlessly export your TimeSummit records to your payroll software with the simple click of a button.

Simply review and edit your employees’ time and attendance records in TimeSummit. Then pull up your AccountLinx software, select the payroll period you desire and choose the corresponding employee records.

Click ‘Export’ and your data is transferred instantly.

It’s that simple. AccountLinx trims down the amount of time spent on data entry by 92%.

Most importantly, AccountLinx isn’t only easy and fast, it’s 100% accurate!

Storing and processing your payroll data electronically removes the possibility of misinterpreting or incorrectly reporting time and pay records. To make it more convenient, AccountLinx is compatible with over 40 different software packages.

Bottom line: Our payroll management system saves you time and money – your business’s two most important commodities. To find out more information about ExakTime and better ways to manage your company’s payroll, contact us today.