One of the primary responsibilities of any business is to effectively and accurately manage your employees. This includes tracking their labor and processing payroll.

But in order to do that, you need the right payroll solutions.

Unfortunately, the technology pertaining to payroll collection and management is lacking for most construction companies, and many contractors still employ outdated and inefficient methods to gather and interpret information.

Where Paper Time Cards Fall Short

Paper time cards have been the primary method for collecting and processing payroll information for years, yet they present a multitude of problems.

Each year, businesses lose time and money as a result of buddy-punching, elongated breaks or lunches, and early or late punch-ins and punch-outs that are not being accounted for.

And after these problematic time cards are collected, they have to be processed by your bookkeepers – creating a less-than-ideal payroll solution for your office workers.

Bookkeepers often spend countless hours trying to make sense of time cards that are illegible or smudged; even when they are legible, the bookkeepers must then manually enter all of the data.

Without effective payroll solutions, incorrect or falsified paper time cards cost businesses thousands of dollars per year for work that is simply not being delivered.

This time and money quickly adds up and comes out of your business’ bottom line, ultimately making your business less profitable.

Payroll Solutions to Outdated Time Cards

Replacing paper time cards can solve all of the problems associated with payroll collection and processing, allowing your business to strengthen and develop, all while saving you money.

Our time clocks and time and attendance tracking systems eliminate all problems of buddy-punching and falsifying payroll documents because they record real-time 100% accurate time records and automatically relay them to your bookkeepers, offering effective and efficient payroll solutions.

This allows your bookkeepers and those working in your office to become more efficient and spend time on more productive tasks, saving you both money and valuable time.

Our time clocks offer an easy and reliable payroll solution to all of your payroll woes and save your business thousands of dollars and countless hours, making your overall workforce more profitable and efficient!

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