March Madness is a time of unpredictability, upsets, and spectacular wins. Kind of sounds like business, doesn’t it? Like the teams in March Madness, your business needs to perform well to keep moving on.

Luckily, you’ve got ExakTime. Keep reading to find out what managing your workforce and March Madness have in common—and how our time clock app can help.

Know Your Game Plan

March Madness is all about split-second decisions. From when to shoot the ball to when to foul in the last minutes, a game plan is essential—and not having one can mean bad decisions and a swift exit from the tournament.

Your also consists of many small decisions that lead to an end result, and they need to be done correctly to achieve your main goal. Our mobile time clocks allow you to approach your daily priorities more efficiently because, when it comes to managing your payroll, ExakTime is there with the assist.

Beat the Buzzer

College basketball uses a 34-second shot clock, but your workday has an 8-hour clock. Regardless of which we’re talking about, you need to set your priorities if you’re going to succeed.

Our mobile time clock helps you set priorities by letting you focus less on time management and more on actual work. It also makes job costing—a.k.a. activity tracking—simple, so that there’s no need to rely on memory about how much time individuals and crews spent on different tasks. This means you can look back at past projects and better budget for future ones, too.

Never let the shot clock run out on your day again!

Every Business Could Use an Assistant

In basketball, the head coach doesn’t deal with every issue in the game alone. Some of the responsibility goes to assistant coaches. ExakTime’s time tracking app is essentially the assistant coach for your payroll department.

As the head coach of your whole business or HR/payroll, you need to deal with the things that are most important to your business’s success. Let your assistant coach take care of accurate time record collection (ExakTime Mobile syncs data straight to our web-based time clock software) and data entry (it shares them easily with your accounting program).
Now you can focus on overall strategy and get the job done.

Whether you consider your business an underdog or think it’s destined to be the champion, no one wins alone. Contact ExakTime today and find out how we can become a valuable part of your team.