Can you afford to lose money every pay period due to inaccurate payroll time keeping?

Of course not!

Payroll is such a large portion of most business’ budgets that it can be a major issue if you continue to overpay due to inaccurate time keeping.

Many business owners and human resource professionals are facing this same issue. When you have a workforce that is mobile and reporting to work at various job sites, it becomes even more difficult to maintain accurate time keeping.


A Wireless Timekeeping Solution

Wireless systems – like JobClock Hornet from ExakTime – can help ease the difficulties of mobile time keeping by providing you and your payroll department with an advanced system that makes keeping your payroll accurate easy.

JobClock Hornet allows your workers to wirelessly clock in and out at the job site. With a rugged shell, the unit is built for any job site and has a 21-day rechargeable battery.

The most important feature of JobClock Hornet, however, is its accuracy. Hornet sends time clock information back to the home office, every hour, and even stores field data in case the unit’s battery dies.

The payroll accuracy that is provided by switching to an advanced system like JobClock Hornet will help you secure your bottom line and protect your business against problems like time theft and wasteful payroll spending that can be caused by inaccurate time keeping.

You will no longer have to wonder when your workers are really getting to work and if they are cheating their records.

That peace of mind is complemented by the decreased costs when it is payday.

Proof that it Works

Making sure your payroll is accurate with a mobile timekeeping system is a smart move to save money.

Many business owners like Ray Rhoades, founder of Diamond-R-Electric, have had success with the JobClock from ExakTime. You can read Ray’s story and see if mobile time tracking systems like the Hornet can protect your bottom line and save your money.

For more information on JobClock Hornet or any of our other time and attendance solutions, contact us today!