Business owners and managers have enough things to worry about without stressing over remote employees. How is a business supposed to handle logistical issues that are amplified when some employees work from home or out in the field?

Our mobile time card app for smartphones and tablets was built to solve the unique challenges of tracking remote or roaming employees. ExakTime Mobile boasts the power and precision of all our time clocks, plus new ways to track labor, materials and more that benefit companies with workers in rugged, outdoor and rotating job sites.

Here are a few common challenges business face with managing remote employees and how our time clock app helps mitigate them.

Challenge #1: Inconsistent (Or Incompatible) Software

When you’re whole team is office-based, it’s easy to make sure everyone is using the same equipment and software. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult to ensure remote employees are using (or even have access to) the equipment and programs they need to handle tasks efficiently.

Our Solution: Embrace the Cloud

ExakTime allows you to embrace cloud-based technology to the fullest, making it much easier to prevent inconsistent methods from disrupting workflow. Mobile time card apps, group messaging systems and web-based labor management can be used on a range of devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. This means your employees will always have access to the programs they need (not to mention the benefits of cutting-edge remote time tracking software).

Challenge #2: Lack of Managerial Oversight

As a manager or supervisor, you only have one set of eyes and can’t be everywhere at once. Sure, you can rely on others to report back to you, but then you’re only getting part of the pictur. Managing remote employees forces many businesses to face the challenge of gathering actual hard data on how employees are spending their time at work.

Our Solution: Accurately Assess Employee Performance with Data-Driven Software

We live in an increasingly data-driven world, and accurately assessing employee performance can be the difference between losing time and money. Our time clock app allows you to track an unlimited number of customizable job activities.

The app isn’t just for employees to clock in, it’s also a powerful data collection tool and activity tracker. With ExakTime, you’ll know just how much time and manpower certain tasks require, allowing you to identify and iron out inefficiencies as well as more accurately bid for future projects—no matter where your employees are working.

Challenge #3: Unclear Expectations

When you have remote workers, it’s easy for lines of communication to sputter out or fail. Maybe a deadline or project changed that those in the field (or office) weren’t informed of. Maybe there was an unexpected set-back or other news that never got passed on. Whatever the case, unclear communication can lead to bigger problems and headaches, both for the company and for the employee.

Our Solution: Ensure Clear, Consistent Communication

Clear and regular communication is important whether you’re managing employees in a central office or managing remote employees scattered over a number of different work sites.

Our time card app makes clear, timely communication between the office and job site easy. ExakTime sends remote time tracking data back to the office automatically, so you have a real-time picture of who’s at the work site and who’s not. And our Field Notes feature lets field workers and supervisors send actual pictures of job site updates or incidents that the office needs to be apprised of.

Whether you use all of ExakTime features or just a few, one thing is for certain: with our robust and intuitive app, time tracking for remote employees will be easier than ever.