Construction jobsites, or any outdoor working environments, often deal with harsh conditions on a repeated basis. From drastic changes in the weather—hot one day, snowing the next, storming after that—to wear and tear due to building, landscaping or crew changes, your remote workers see it all when working on the jobsite. When you expect the best out of your crew, you should expect the same with your time management system.

Instead of relying on outdated, easily damaged or lost paper logs of employees’ times for the week, consider providing your employees with the portable JobClock, a no-hassle, reliable means for time tracking. Those remote employees are already dealing with everyday jobsite issues and concerns; why not take away one more thing to worry about? The last thing anyone will be able to remember at the end of the day, or work week even, is exactly when they took their lunch three days ago.

Investing in JobClock rugged time clocks that are durable and able to withstand outdoor elements will not only make life easier on whoever handles your company’s payroll, but it will also save the business time and money by making time tracking automated and accurate.

Why making the switch just makes sense:

  • Rugged time clocks are built to withstand the roughest weather, ranging from extreme heat to snowfall and everything in between.
  • Employees clock in and out in less than two seconds with just a touch – no more inaccurate timecards
  • Operates from -23˚C (-10˚F) to 76 ˚C (170˚F)

Whatever location you operate from, the JobClock can and will stand up to the conditions. You can count on the durable, rugged time clock to help you manage your payroll and time and attendance system more efficiently.