Everyone who has ever worked on a job site in the construction industry knows that itTime Clock Software can get rough out there.

Job sites are full of dangers and harsh elements that can hurt workers and equipment if we aren’t careful.

With heavy machinery, power tools and grit and dust everywhere, you need tough people and tools to get the job done.

When you need equipment that can handle the trials of the job site, traditional timekeeping methods won’t cut it. How does a stack of old fashioned paper time cards hold up in a day of driving rain or cold autumn wind?

A Portable Time Clock That Is Built To Last

Our portable time clock, JobClock/EX, provides your work site with precise and simplePortable Time Clock timekeeping functionality while being able to stand up to the toughest work sites out there.

Designed with the job site in mind, the JobClock/EX’s tough construction is perfect for the long-term project, even through the dead of winter.

It can be locked in place to prevent loss or tampering with ExakTime’s custom built Surface Mount Kit. The kit features a lifetime warranty and a heavy duty plastic shell that locks into place.

For even more security, ExakTime offers the heavy duty LockBox. The Lockbox encases the entire JobClock/EX system with 16 gauge stainless steel without making the system harder to use.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

The JobClock/EX system’s incredible construction means that you will have less equipment failures to deal with. As any small business owner knows, when your equipment doesn’t work, you don’t make money.

You can save thousands of dollars a year on your labor costs with the accurate time keeping that JobClock/EX will give you. See for yourself with our Savings Calculator.

There has never been a better time like the present to start saving your business money.

The JobClock/EX from ExakTime is available now at a 16% discount for the month of December, so quit losing money and get the JobClock/EX today!

Want to know more about what our durable construction site time clock can do for your business? Contact us!