With ExakTime’s employee management and time tracking software, you can store all your job-site data collected from any of our time and labor tracking solutions—and generate more than 40 different digital time cards and reports.

Automate Your Payroll

With TimeSummit, all your project data is stored easily in one central location. TimeSummit lets you manage time, attendance and business expense data with just a few clicks. Not only will this save your bookkeeper hours of tedious data entry, it will also save you money.

From work site to office, you’ll have all the project information you need. Payroll and employee management couldn’t be easier with TimeSummit.

Time Cards You Can Read and Trust

A close eye on what is easily the biggest business expense of all—labor—is essential to running a successful enterprise, big or small.

With any of ExakTime’s 100%-accurate time tracking solutions plus TimeSummit you will know exactly which projects are demanding the most time and how each employee’s hours are being spent.

With accurate time records, you’ll finally be paying only for hours actually worked—which leads to significant savings every payroll.

You can also closely monitor overtime thanks to TimeSummit’s ability to highlight overtime hours for each pay period.

Track More Than Just Time

To ensure the continued success of your business, you need to be as efficient and streamlined as possible with all operations. This starts with examining your current workflow and expenses.

TimeSummit lets you track the use of both machinery and materials at all your remote job sites, and run reports on the usage, so you know how your company is spending its money. All information recorded in the field via ExakTime Mobile is viewable at your leisure in TimeSummit.

Keep an eye on project budgets throughout the entirety of the project, and make the budgeting process easier with material tracking from past projects.

When your employees have special job site conditions or incidents, new purchases or supply needs to report, they can do it in Field Notes. They can then sync this data easily and wirelessly with the office, where it will be automatically stored in TimeSummit for your convenience.

You’ll rest easy knowing that all the up to the minute automated data you need is right at your fingertips in over 40 different powerful reports.

Sharing is Good

Using our AccountLinx software, you can easily share your real-time data from TimeSummit with the payroll application you use. Streamline your payroll management by reducing data entry errors and payroll processing time. Nothing feels better than knowing your information is protected, accurate and the payroll is on time.