Saving money on employee attendance starts with a simple clock-in and clock-out

Saving money with The ExakTime System starts with accurately tracking employees clocking at the jobsite, on the road or in the office. Workers can clock in and out on JobClocks using two different items: Keytabs and FastTrakkers. Both are extremely easy to use, 100% accurate and create an immediate return on investment by satisfying employees, managers and your financial department.

Employee time and attendance tracking based on job activity (or cost code) with the FastTrakker or Keytabs is the most accurate way to estimate job costs and future project bids. Cost code reports recorded by the FastTrakker or Keytabs in ExakTime’s time tracking software, TimeSummit, also help reduce worker’s comp and liability insurance costs by providing exact time and money spent on a specific job.

Simply put, choosing your optimal time tracking device (FastTrakker or Keytab) is the first step towards increasing efficiency, saving time and money and increasing your profits without having to extend your current workload.



Keytabs track individual employees’ time and attendance. Workers simply touch the green Keytab to the JobClock to clock in and the red Keytab to clock out. It’s easy. This quick, money and time saving process immediately logs the employees’ records into the JobClock until they need to be collected.

But, your business might have the need to track more time and attendance at your jobsites. With up to 10 colors to choose from, The ExakTime System Keytabs allow you to assign a specific color to each job activity so you know the exact time it takes to complete each cost code. These are records and reports unavailable with handwritten, paper timecards. If you find that more than 10 job activities, FastTrakker handheld device is your best bet.



FastTrakker digitally collects employee time and attendance records and can store up to 1,000 custom cost codes per device. While Keytabs have two steps to clock in and out, the FastTrakker requires three just-as-simple moves to guarantee a 100% accurate time and attendance record:

  1. Push the scroll wheel to turn the FastTrakker on
  2. Spin the scroll wheel to the desired cost code
  3. Touch the FastTrakker to the correct JobClock in a similar fashion to a Keytab

The FastTrakker is as durable and easy to use as multi-colored Keytabs, with the added advantage of one less manual step for tracking and logging employee time and attendance records. Employees only need to scroll and select the correct cost code, and the money saving process begins!

Keytabs and FastTrakker are both integral parts of utilizing The ExakTime System to its full potential. While the need for either is dependent on your needs as an employer, the one consistent guarantee is that employee time and attendance tracking is easier, smarter, faster and cheaper than ever with The ExakTime System.