Combine the detailed features and options of our easy-to-use ExakTime Mobile app with the convenience of a stationary time clock when you run ExakTime Mobile on an iPad mounted to the wall at any job site—or inside your warehouse or office.

Using our stainless steel wall mount enclosure, running the app on an iPad mounted in a trailer or at a designated spot at the job site allows workers to easily select locations and cost codes as they clock in through the app’s easy-to-use interface.

This reduces the hassle of passing a tablet around the job site or relying on workers to remember their cell phones and make sure they’re charged. It also allows you to position your iPad perfectly to snap a photo of each worker at clock-in with FaceFront Biometrics, which saves the photos for later ID verification.

Supervisors can use permissions to clock in a whole crew at once from one location—no need to hunt down your device or find a safe place for it throughout the day.

Simply start ExakTime Mobile and place the iPad in the enclosure. Since the enclosure blocks the “home” button, the only app that can be accessed is ExakTime Mobile—until a supervisor or payroll administrator uses the security key to open the enclosure. When you are ready to move to a new site or need to record video for Field Notes, just remove the iPad from the enclosure and take it wherever you want.

For a business that has centralized location where a group of employees are stationed, doing different jobs, the wall-mount enclosure works great. Employees can clock in and out every day, choosing the right cost code depending on the day—or even switching cost codes throughout the day as needed.