Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid the payroll crunch every Friday when time cards are due? ExakTime offers easy-to-use time and attendance products that make payroll management challenges an issue of the past.

Payroll Management Made Easy

Handwritten paper time cards are inaccurate, illegibile and often a hassle to collect – creating a work frenzy for your bookkeepers every time payroll is due.

By automating your time and attendance, ExakTime makes payroll management simple for your entire business – and eliminates those messy handwritten time cards!

No longer will workers have to manually fill out paper time cards every week. Instead, ExakTime’s wireless, rugged and mobile time clocks handle all the labor tracking for them.

And even better, office employees won’t have to collect time cards anymore.

Thanks to ExakTime’s secure cloud service, supervisors can wirelessly send in time records from anywhere – in just seconds – allowing bookkeepers to handle their payroll management without ever leaving their desk.

With accurate time records recorded down to the exact minute, your business will be sure to save thousands with The ExakTime System in payroll expenses and payroll management.