Long Brothers Landscaping, Inc. in Graham, North Carolina strives for perfection at all of its jobsites, according to accounts manager Maria Thompson. After five years at her position, Thompson said the more than 50 employees who work at 100 different commercial jobsites every month always deliver on their promises and exceed customer expectations.

In 2008, one of Thompson’s division managers decided Long Brothers needed a better way to keep track of cost codes – job activities like mowing, planting and hedging. Paper timecards didn’t give him accurate information to make smart business decisions or effective bids. He wanted to go with an electronic system.

That spring, Long Brothers purchased The ExakTime System and implemented ExakTime’s mobile time tracking software, PocketClock/GPS. The company gave each field supervisor a ruggedized, PDA PocketClock to track their crews by worker, jobsite and cost code.

Thompson said PocketClock’s accurate time records and ease of use have been so helpful to Long Brothers that she can’t believe the company didn’t go with ExakTime sooner. She feels it’s a perfect fit for any landscaping company, large or small.

“It’s probably one of the best things our company has done in the five years I’ve been here,” she said. “In the past couple of years, we’ve grown a lot, and time isn’t an issue for anybody because of ExakTime. The system saves us a whole lot in payroll.”

Because PocketClock tracks work as it happens, time records and cost codes are 100% accurate down to the minute. Where Thompson used to see each worker tally 40 hours each week on his timecard, she now sees many time records that show 38 or 39 hours per week – and the savings add up in a hurry. Paying one less hour per worker each week saves Long Brothers more than $600 weekly.

And because the company no longer has to use an outside payroll service, an additional $350 per pay period is saved.

“The payroll service was way too much money,” she said. “ExakTime allows us to keep everything in-house.”

Thompson also loves that the system keeps workers honest because PocketClock includes GPS tracking, so she can make sure crews are actually at the correct location when they clock in and out.

After using the system for years, she would recommend it to others in landscaping and construction, or any other industry for that matter.

“I’ve talked to people in several different states,” she said. “I tell them it saves our company money because of the accurate GPS tracking. I also tell them how user friendly it is and how great the tech support is. We’ve loved it since day one.”