SyncLinx and AccountLinx are powerful but simple-to-use time clock software tools that make syncing your accounting and payroll software with TimeSummit quick and easy, massively reducing the time you have to spend on data entry and payroll processing.


SyncLinx transfers employee, job location and job activity records from over 40 accounting and payroll applications to TimeSummit with just a few clicks.

TimeSummit collects, organizes and prepares reports of all of your time, attendance and cost data from all of the ExakTime time and attendance clocks and time clock software.


AccountLinx completes the circle, sending this data back to your accounting or payroll software in seconds.

SyncLinx and AccountLinx synchronize with your accounting and payroll software seamlessly.

They understand how different payroll and accounting packages organize and process data, and work with ExakTime time clocks and TimeSummit data accordingly. What that means for you and your business is that time and attendance data moves to and from your accounting software quickly, simply and correctly – every time.

ExakTime’s time and attendance synchronization solutions reduce your data entry time by over 90% and cut your payroll processing time in half.

Compatibility: SyncLinx and AccountLinx are optimized for over 40 accounting and payroll packages, including QuickBooks, many different Sage products (50 (Peachtree), 100 (Master Builder), 300 (Timberline), etc.), Viewpoint, AccuBuild, Ceridian, MYOB, ISIS, and many others.

See here for a complete list, under the tab “Supported Programs”. If you don’t see your program on the list, let us know! We are constantly updating SyncLinx and AccountLinx to integrate with more and more accounting and payroll packages.

To find out more about linking up your payroll software with Synclinx and AccountLinx or about any of ExakTime’s other payroll solutions, contact us here.