It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist or a delivery driver, learning a technology you’re not used to can be frustrating and confusing. However, when it comes to your business, you’d generally want to veer away from technology that’s too confusing to learn and use.

Let’s explore why a mobile time clock is not only an easy way to save money, but also an easy program that anyone can use.

Using a mobile time clock’s features – easier than you thought

When it comes to our time clock app features, they are easy to find and use, not hard. Clocking in and out for individuals or supervisors means simply entering a four-digit PIN and selecting a green button for ‘Go’ and a red button for ‘Stop’—kids stuff. Job costing is easy, too—employees simply select from a list of tasks you’ve entered into the program at the time they clock in or clock out.

Field-based workers can also keep you informed of what’s going on through our ExakTime Mobile app easily. They just open Field Notes to send audio, photo and text updates of incidents or reports from the field. All communication appears in our cloud-based time clock software, ExakTime Connect, saving you from the task of going through multiple texts, calls, and emails.

And wherever you are, SiteHub is one of our unique app features that gives you a scrollable live feed on your mobile device of what’s happening on any of your job sites including worker time punches, activities, field notes, and more.

How do I connect it to my accounting program?

Connecting it to your accounting program must be hard, right? Wrong!

Data from ExakTime Mobile, all automatically sent to ExakTime Connect and viewable from any web browser, can be synced with your accounting software in a couple of taps—streamlining your payroll process and freeing up lots of time for other projects.

iPhone time clock app, Android time clock app

When it comes to compatibility with your phones and other devices, we’ve got your back. ExakTime Mobile App works on many different phones and tablets, so chances are you’ve got the technology you need already. In addition, FaceFront BioMetrics photo ID verification is available for all of your devices with a front-facing camera. This makes things easier because it eliminates the confusion of buddy punching by snapping a picture of each worker as they clock in.

Hope we’ve succeeded in showing you that a mobile time clock isn’t as hard to use as you thought. And with features like a scrollable live feed, accounting software sync, and a strong lineup of rugged employee time clocks that can work as a family with our app and cloud software, our easy time clock app is well worth it for your payroll software needs.