How Much Are Paper Time Cards Costing Your Business?

As a business owner, you know handwritten, paper time cards are a hassle to deal with. But, do you know how much money they’re actually costing your business?

According to the American Payroll Association (APA), businesses lose up to 10 minutes per day, per employee when using paper time cards – due to late arrivals, early departures and/or extended breaks or lunches.

That translates to over 1 week of lost time per employee each year!

Paper Time Cards Also Create Office Inefficiencies

Manually processing handwritten time sheets is a time drain on your office.

APA has estimated it takes an average of 6 minutes to manually total and audit a single worker’s paper time card. That time adds up quickly – no matter how many employees you have.

And, after the paper time cards are totaled, bookkeepers still need to manually enter the hours worked into your accounting package – taking time away from other office responsibilities.

Human error is also a potential problem. APA states that, on average, businesses lose up to 8% of total payroll as a result of clerical errors during payroll processing.


The Benefits Of A Wireless Time Clock

Wireless time tracking completely digitizes your payroll from time punch to paycheck.

Our JobClock Hornet is the first rugged, wireless time clock made for construction and other labor-intense industries.

It’s easy to use, tracks work in real-time and automatically sends digital time records to your office – every hour. And its rugged housing and long-lasting, rechargeable battery make it ideal for any remote work site.

No more fudged time cards. No more time theft. And no more wasting time collecting time sheets or manually processing them.

Just accurate time records that export directly into your existing accounting software.

It’s stress-free payroll that saves you money – and it’s wireless, so you or your bookkeeper won’t ever need to leave your office for payroll.

Still Have Questions About Automating Your Payroll?

Check out our 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about time and attendance for a deeper dive into how our wireless time clock and the rest of our systems work. The more informed you are about the time and attendance system you choose, the more likely you are to get the right system for your workforce.