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The best holiday advice (we swear)

ExakTime |

You know what they say: better late than never on the holiday advice.

Tired of wassel, beer, merlot or Manischewitz on the holidays? Here’s some advice from Forbes on how to spice up your holiday drinking.

Or maybe drinks aren’t even enough to help you tolerate your in-laws, so perhaps you needed some advice for that.

Most of us get stressed about eating too much, or buying the wrong gifts.

When you think about it, though, why are we so stressed about a time of year that’s supposed to be so happy and great?

Why don’t we just slow down and enjoy the little things at this time of year?

So that’s our very own ExakTime advice for you: look away from the clock for the holidays.

Laugh at things you don’t normally laugh at. Take a moment to enjoy your kid’s smile, your dog’s goofy run, your wife’s or husband’s spaghetti sauce or ability to trim the tree so festively.



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