Buddy punching is any small business owner’s dreaded nemesis.

It costs your business thousands and sends your employees the wrong message. Luckily our biometric time clock, PocketClock/GPS, offers your business a real solution for this all too common problem.

Buddy Punching Costs Your Business Thousands

According the American Payroll Association, buddy punchers cost businesses in the U.S. $148 billion in unwarranted payroll expenses every year. That’s money coming directly from your businesses’ bottom line.

Any employee that is getting away with buddy punching is only going to continue to do it. Not only that, but other employees will see just how easy it is and follow suit.

One or two buddy punchers can quickly become 10 – and the losses add up quickly.

Flawed Time & Attendance Tracking Affects Employee Morale

Buddy punching can also impact the honest, hardworking members of your workforce in unforeseen ways.

In a sense, they’re being unfairly punished for their honesty, especially when you factor in that they’ll have to work extra hard to make up for their fellow employees’ absence. Employees may even be pressured to lie on another’s behalf in order to avoid being alienated from their fellow workers.

How Our Biometric Time & Attendance System Can Help

Our biometric time clock, PocketClock/GPS, prevents buddy punching from being an option for your workers.

PocketClock/GPS utilizes the front-facing camera on your iOS or Android Smartphone or Tablet to snap a picture of the employee clocking in or out on the device.

That picture is then sent to your employee attendance software, TimeSummit, for verification and recordkeeping. Unlike easily forged paper punch cards, the PocketClock/GPS time clock system makes it impossible for employees to get around its advanced biometric safeguards.

As an employer, you can rest easy knowing that your time and attendance records are 100% accurate and that employee morale isn’t being negatively impacted by a few bad eggs.

Most importantly, you’ll save thousands because you won’t be paying for work that isn’t being done. Correcting a payroll management system undermined by buddy punching means a healthier bottom line and more resources to help your business grow.

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