We’ve all heard people talk about “the cloud”, but what is it and why does it matter? The cloud, also called cloud computing and cloud storage, is a server on the internet that stores your files and then allows you to access those files remotely anytime from anywhere.

    ExakTime Connect is our first web-based time clock software—and it matters because it makes saving money easier and faster than ever before. If you want to know why the cloud makes a difference in your payroll and accounting, keep reading.

    Save more time

    One of the downsides of not having a cloud time tracking system is you have to manually put in a large amounts of data which leads to errors and slows down payroll processing. With ExakTime Connect, the cloud eliminates this problem.

    Once data is collected, all it takes is one click to integrate all that data into your accounting system. This cuts payroll prep time in half because the cloud allows all the data to be shared instantly with your customized job-site preferences.

    Share information instantly across departments

    The cloud allows data to be shared instantly, which allows others to care instantly. Before ExakTime Connect, something could happen on a job site and certain departments wouldn’t find out about it until hours or even days after it happened.

    With ExakTime Connect’s cloud based computing, everyone knows what’s happening in real time so they can react in real time. You can look forward to no more random phone calls, texts, or emails asking what’s happening at a job site.

    Company size doesn’t increase costs

    ExakTime Connect is also able to grow as your company grows, thanks to the cloud. There are no limits on how many users can simultaneously be logged into the software when reviewing or inputting data. In addition, ExakTime Connect requires no additional updates, no additional IT personnel, and no additional server investments which means no additional hidden fees, and more buffer to your bottom line.

    Even if you’re a rapidly growing company, you can have peace of mind knowing your payroll processing and accounting costs won’t increase just because there’s more people using the software.

    As you can see, the cloud clearly creates efficiency. With ExakTime Connect some of those advantages are saving time, instantly sharing information, and keeping certain costs level even when you’re a growing company. If you have a new interest in cloud services and want to learn even more about how ExakTime Connect can help your business, click here.