The ExakTime system has a proven track record in many industries

ExakTime Industries

You’re obviously curious about how The ExakTime System works, but may be unsure as to how it may fit in your business’ industry. The simple answer would be to say that employee time and attendance tracking with ExakTime saves money and time in any industry that has traditionally relied on inaccurate paper timecards.v

Here are a few popular industries that have seen success at the jobsite, on the road and /or in the office using The ExakTime System:

Construction (Commercial and Residential)

Whether you run a commercial construction company or are in charge of a residential construction business, ensuring that all your employees turn in their paper timecards on time is no easy task. The ExakTime System is construction’s No. 1 time and attendance tracking system – and for good reason.


Hospitals, medical care centers and nursing homes typically have to keep track of more than 50 employees’ weekly time and attendance records, especially in the housekeeping departments. The ExakTime System has shown immediate improvement in terms of time tracking accuracy and efficiency when utilized by hospital services.


Whether you manage a number of fields or one crop of fields that requires a lot of hands, ExakTime makes it easy for you to keep track of your workers’ time and attendance, and also keep up with the type of activity they are doing. With ExakTime’s TimeSummit time tracking software you can record each activity down to the exact minute, allowing your workers to become more efficient and your business to become more profitable.

Landscaping and Snow Removal

Make keeping track of your employees and paying them for landscaping duties or snow removal much easier by turning their iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile device into a mobile time clock. PocketClock/GPS from ExakTime allows you to make sure that your workers are at the correct jobsite while cost codes allow you to track whether they are plowing, salting, shoveling, seeding, sodding, trimming or another activity. The easy-to-use TimeSummit software also makes it easy for you to swap out seasonal employees in your database.


Electricians have many different tasks and charge a variety of prices for their services. With the ExakTime system, easily keep track of your time and the cost of each task at the jobsite with either a rugged portable time clock or by turning your iPhone, Blackberry, Android or Windows Mobile Smartphone into a mobile time clock.

School Transportation

Do away with bus drivers turning in paper timecards that can be confusing and take up entirely too much of your bookkeeper’s time. Lock down ExakTime’s JobClock, a rugged, portable time clock, in the bus and easily keep track of bus drivers’ routes, whether it be a morning run, mid-day run, field trip or sporting event.

While all of these industries have benefited from ExakTime’s time tracking products and software, there are many more that could also experience the benefits of improved efficiency and profitability by implementing The ExakTime System for employee time and attendance.