The ExakTime System thrives in difficult, remote locations where time is hard to track – perfect for contractors, landscaper, snow fighters and the like. But our founder, Steve Simmonds, knew that his timekeeping system needed to be easy to use for workers in the field and payroll managers back in the office. If ExakTime’s solutions weren’t easy, he thought, who would use them.

More than 11 years after the first JobClock was installed, The ExakTime System remains true to Simmonds’ word. It’s easy to use at every phase, from clocking in to exporting your time records to your accounting or payroll package. The How It Works process can be broken down into four easy steps:

  1. Clock In & Out
  2. Collect Records
  3. Review & Edit
  4. Report & Export.

Clock In & Out

Clocking in and out with The ExakTime System is easy. Whether your workers are using our portable time clock, the JobClock, or our mobile time tracking software, PocketClock/GPS, they simply need to tap green to clock in and red to clock out. Our solutions also track jobsites and up to 1,000 cost codes for each worker.

Collect Records

Managers can bring their records back to the office with handheld, portable devices or they can wirelessly send their records back to the office via ExakTime’s Internet service. Wirelessly, these time and attendance records transmit from your jobsite, through ExakTime’s secure, state-of-the-art data center in South Bend, Indiana and right into your office computer.

Review & Edit

Back at the office, a bookkeeper, accountant or business owner can review their workers’ time and attendance records in ExakTime’s time tracking software, TimeSummit. The reviewer can edit information, such as hours, jobsite or cost code, if necessary.

Report & Export

Once the time and attendance records are approved in ExakTime’s time tracking software, a business owner can organize the records in ExakTime’s digital reports – we offer more than 25 customized reports to fit the needs of our customers. A business owner can also export those records into his own payroll or accounting package using AccountLinx, eliminating all manual data entry and human error.

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