The in-house savings when using The ExakTime System time and attendance tracking software have been well-documented. In addition to saving payroll processing time and payroll costs, increasing time tracking accuracy and reducing your carbon footprint, The ExakTime System is your best weapon in preventing a payroll lawsuit.

According to a 2010 study, one in three employers have been slapped with wage-and-hour claims since 2009. In fact, wage-and-hour lawsuits outnumber all other workplace discriminatory lawsuits combined. That’s why your best defense lies in The ExakTime System’s automated time and attendance tracking.

Simply put, insurance companies and courts do not accept paper timecards as records of proof for employment. it is up to the employer to provide accurate, automated records to defend his or her case. The ExakTime System’s automated reports provide a perfect solution if this case arises.

Protect Your Payroll

In the event that you would ever be hit with a class action lawsuit over pay practices, you’ll most likely face a payroll audit. This can be troublesome if handwritten timecards are used, and workers’ clock in and out times have been rounded up or down.

However, with ExakTime’s powerful TimeSummit software, your employee time and attendance records are automatically logged, stored and organized in a digital database and are guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

The ExakTime System’s proven accuracy and reliability make any internal or external payroll audit simple, efficient and effective in backing up the legitimacy of your business. If you have a manual collection of timecards, probing deep into your company’s time tracking history can be a very time consuming audit.

The TimeSummit software makes all your time and attendance records available in seconds. Often in these lawsuits, inaccurate overtime records become a major division point. The ExakTime System and TimeSummit software combat this issue by automatically calculating and recording overtime, shift rounding, cost codes, lunch and travel pay.

The ExakTime System is the best way to prevent employee payroll disputes and increase your employees’ trust that your company cares about their livelihood. Proactively eliminating problems is the best way to put your business in its best position for long term success, and The ExakTime System guarantees you’ll remain part of the 67% of businesses that don’t experience class action lawsuits over payroll practices.