Everybody’s talking about apps, and we’re guilty, too. GPS geofences, ID confirmation, and SiteHub are all unique features that make our digital time clock app a huge help. But maybe you’re overlooking some of the most obvious benefits of turning a device you already carry into a time clock.
We’ll highlight the top three “hidden in plain sight” benefits of a time clock app from ExakTime.

Mobile is…Mobile

So the first one seems a little too obvious, but hear us out. This is a time clock that you can take with you everywhere you go with absolutely no hassle. Many don’t even realize the benefit of this until they start using it. No matter where you are, where your team is, or how often your staff needs to relocate from job site to job site, there will be no hassle of hauling time clocks—and no worry of getting timesheets out to your crews or back to the office.

Low Entry Cost

There is no additional equipment necessary to take advantage of a time clock app. Most employees likely have a phone already that is capable of using ExakTime Mobile. As your business grows and you hire more team members, supervisors can track the additional employees as part of their crew—or you can simply scale up with additional app licenses. This flexibility is reason enough to seriously consider upgrading to mobile.

And the benefits of a cutting-edge time clock app extend beyond clocking in and out easily. The information is stored on the cloud and sent wirelessly to the office, where payroll staff can receive time card information and integrate it with most existing accounting software options. It’s our goal to make ExakTime Mobile practical for those working in the field as well as easy for the staff back at the office.

Digital Time Clock Apps Also Track Jobs

Our app is more than just a time clock for your employees. It serves as an improved method for job costing as well. Transitioning from manual paper job costing to a digital, real-time, mobile job costing solution will improve accuracy. Employees will have to rely less on job cost information from memory and can instead update instantly and accurately from their mobile app.

If you’re ready to implement a time clock app for your business or just have a few more questions, contact us today. One of our team members would be happy to provide you with additional information and get you started.