Once you’ve realized how much time, money, and manual work can be saved by simply using The ExakTime System, deciding between the JobClock and JobClock/EX is the next step towards making those benefits a reality.

The JobClock and JobClock/EX are identically great for on the job time tracking, but have a few minor differences in reporting and transferring logged time and attendance back to the office database.


The portable and durable JobClock is the ideal choice for employee time and attendance tracking at remote job locations ranging from construction projects to bus transportation. The JobClock consists of milled aluminum and stainless steel capable of withstanding below freezing and scorching temperatures (-10 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit).

The JobClock is capable of holding 10,000 time records (the equivalent of about two years worth of data), syncs automatically with everything used in The ExakTime System, and runs on a standard camera battery for up to six months.

Even if a job site moves, the JobClock is as portable as a mobile phone, and just requires employees to check in and out with green and red corresponding Keytabs or a FastTrakker device. Reporting with the JobClock requires the ExakTime Mobile software with Infrared, or a FastTrakker Pro.


The JobClock/EX is as durable and strong as the standard JobClock and has identical product specifications, but it has a few added benefits that make recording and reporting employee time and attendance easier on your payroll department.

The JobClock/EX has double the memory of the JobClock (20,000 time records), all of which can be collected through Blackberry Bluetooth technology. Like the JobClock, time and attendance records can also be collected by the Fast Trakker Pro, or a Windows Mobile PDA running Windows Mobile v5.0 or later.

Using Bluetooth on your Blackerry running OS v4.5 or later (the 7100, 7200, 8700 series are not supported) to collect employee time and attendance records makes everything so much easier.

Regardless of which one you choose, your employee time and attendance tracking will be made easier and more efficient with the JobClock portable time clock. You’ll soon learn how the employees benefit from an easy time tracking system, the payroll department benefits from less paperwork and manual calculations, and your company benefits from 100% proven accurate time and attendance tracking.