Let’s take a moment to appreciate the hard work of the payroll administrators in the world. Even with the right technology, processing payroll is high pressure—and that’s not to mention the literal high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations that dealing with paper time cards causes. But they endure all of that stress so that the wage earners receive their paychecks on time and without errors every pay period. If only there was a way we could show our thanks…

National Payroll Week

How about that? This week, September 7-11th, is National Payroll Week! A week dedicated to the 150 million hardworking wage earners nation-wide. National Payroll Week also celebrates the payroll professionals who pay them. So thank your accounting team, human resources department, and those businesses providing time clock software to make payroll faster and more efficient.

Hug a Payroll Administrator Day

As we alluded to above, many payroll administrators work tirelessly every week to ensure accurate pay for their employees using paper time cards and complex spreadsheets, and wrangle with numerous payroll errors that are made on paper, causing confusion, stress and wasted time. At ExakTime, we care just as much about the payroll administrator as we do about the employees working hard to earn their paycheck. We believe our time clock app and other time tracking solutions will minimize errors, increase payroll administrators’ productivity, and save businesses money.

ExakTime Labor Day BBQ

ExakTime Cares

We have an amazing team here at ExakTime who work hard to provide a product that is going to help grow businesses. The customer service standards of our staff shouldn’t go unrecognized. After all, they are party of the army of wage earners who contribute and report approximately $2.09 trillion in revenue for the U.S. Treasury. For that, and the aid we give companies nationwide in simplifying their payroll, we celebrated Labor Day AND National Payroll Week with a fun cookout (see photos).

ExakTime would like to thank all of the hardworking employees out there—and the extra-hardworking payroll administrators who make sure we get paid accurately and on time!