Although many time clocks perform the same task, not all are created equal.

Our revolutionary new time clock, JobClock Hornet, is the first completely rugged, wireless time clock, that tracks work in real-time and automatically sends records from remote locations to your office – every hour.


A Completely Wireless Time Tracker

Never before have you had the ability to track who is at a jobsite and the exact hours that they are there, all without having to worry about monitoring or collecting the records yourself.

JobClock Hornet is scalable and rugged, rendering it at home in any worksite, saving you trips to and from the worksite regardless of where it’s located.

Yet, it’s still portable, making it ideal for all industries and providing solutions for all business owners looking to innovate their labor records and payroll processing.

It’s a wireless time clock unlike any other.

Our Wireless Time Clock Means Less Work For You

The award-winning JobClock Hornet eliminates every problem that arises due to tracking remote labor and dealing with tedious payroll processing methods.

Wireless Time ClockOur wireless time clock – winner of the 2011 Good Design Award and Editors’ Choice for Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete 2012 – ensures that you are only paying for work actually delivered.

Better yet, this information is safely and wirelessly sent through our secure cloud service and pushed directly to your bookkeepers, eliminating the tedious task of manually entering time records into your accounting software.

The Most Effective Wireless Time Clock

JobClock Hornet does all the work for you, and provides you with 100% accurate records all while eliminating tasks that waste valuable time and money for both you and your employees.

No longer will you have to scramble on Friday to the jobsite to pick up time cards and subsequently process payroll; our wireless time clock lets you do this seamlessly throughout the week.

Eliminate all of the stress associated with collecting and processing payroll and get your own wireless time clock today!