More and more businesses are turning to automated time and attendance tracking systems to improve their payroll processing and eliminate unnecessary spending. Here are three reasons why:


Developing better accounting and payroll procedures is one way to insure that money isn’t falling through the gaps. An automated time and attendance tracking system is an essential resource in this effort.

You can have the most thorough bookkeeper in the world, but if they aren’t getting accurate time and attendance data from your employees your bottom line will continue to erode.

Whether it is ExakTime Mobile, JobClock Hornet or JobClock/EX, our time and attendance clocks record your employees’ hours with down to the minute precision. They also prevent dishonest workers from fudging the numbers, ensuring your payroll department is working with clean, 100% accurate data.


Without an automated system in place, payroll is a labor intensive, time consuming and often inconsistent process.

Manual data entry not only results in errors that cost your business money, but the amount of time and labor involved can make processing payroll much more expensive than it has to be.

Our AccountLinx and SyncLinx tools make manual data entry a thing of the past.

SyncLinx makes setting up your employee time tracking software a breeze by allowing you to export the employees, job activities and job locations you already have in your payroll package directly into TimeSummit in a matter of seconds.

Then AccountLinx takes over, allowing you to quickly and accurately export time and attendance data stored in TimeSummit directly to your payroll package.


Thorough but easy to interpret reporting is crucial in any industry. Whether it’s tracking costs, labor or equipment-having a thorough picture of where your resources are being allocated is essential for making informed business decisions moving forward.

TimeSummit makes custom reports easy to set up and even easier to understand and utilize during the decision making process. And, with over 40 custom reports to choose from, you’ll have a clearer picture of every aspect of your business than ever before.

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