You know that eliminating employee ‘buddy-punching’ helps you and your business by saving money on your payroll expenses.

But have you thought about the ways that a transparent biometric time and attendance solution like PocketClock/GPS from ExakTime helps your employees?

Transparent Time and Attendance Promotes Honesty

Most people are good.facefront_220

Most people want to be honest, to hold their heads up high and take pride in an honest day’s work. But temptation can be hard to resist.

By eliminating the possibility of ‘buddy-punching’ with a biometric time and attendance system, you eliminate that temptation to abuse the system.

Biometric time clocks make it easier to be honest, thus creating a better workplace for your employees. And a better workplace for your employees should hopefully lead to a more efficient workforce.

Biometric Time and Attendance Clocks Improve Teamwork

If your time and attendance tracking system can be abused, it will be abused.

Biometric Time ClockWorse, your employees who don’t want to abuse it will find themselves pressured to be a ‘team player’ and do so. This makes for stress and tension in the workplace.

It’s better for you and for your employees to have unbeatable attendance tracking so that their teamwork is focused on the work, and not on helping each other get around it.

An Efficient and Unbreakable Time Clock System Reduces Layoffs

Most importantly, the money you save by eliminating attendance fraud in your office or jobsite is money you can spend ensuring that your team is at full strength all the time.

This is important for maximizing safety and efficiency on your worksites; it also means more jobs, which is good for everyone in today’s economy.

For more information on ExakTime’s biometric time tracking solutions or to learn more about any of our time and attendance systems, contact us today.