The ExakTime time and attendance system offers the capability to produce over 40 reports through our timekeeping software. At the click of a button, your payroll department can sort time records by person, location, cost code and more. Whatever your business or client needs are, ExakTime is guaranteed to be able to create the exact report for you.

There are a variety of reports that ExakTime’s software can create. Here are a few that will help make tracking employees and job costs easier. All these reports generated can be produced in a PDF form or Excel spreadsheet for easy viewing and managing. View all these reports here.

  • Employee Time Card – This is a generic employee time report that lists all the daily totals for each employee in a specified time frame. The time data is displayed in a traditional timecard fashion.
  • Employee Touch Detail – This report shows only the Start (In) and Stop (Out) times for a specific employee during a specified date range.
  • Executive Summary – Employees This data report shows a summary of the total hours for each employee, each day for a specified date range or a given week.
  • Location Executive Summary – This report gives an overview of the different worksites you have. You will see the total number of hours worked per location in a given week or date range.
  • Location by Employee – With this report, you can see the total hours worked by each employee at every job location you have.
  • Location by Cost Code – This report allows you to display the total hours for each active cost code or activity at every job location.

Other Reporting Tools

Beyond the types of reports you can easily generate, there are additional tools you can use to customize report data even further to meet your specific needs.

    • Filtering: With ExakTime’s filtering options, you can choose the details of your report. Y

ou can filter by employees, jobsites or cost codes, tailoring each report to exactly what you want to review.

  • Exporting: Print your reports or preview them on screen. You can also export your reports to Excel for further calculations, to a PDF document for easy sharing of your reports, or to HTML to send as an email. Using software you can export directly to your accounting or payroll software.
  • Overtime Calculation: ExakTime calculates and tracks daily and weekly overtime hours separately, so you can understand where your costs are increasing.