ExakTime’s time and attendance software, TimeSummit, allows you to view your time and attendance data in a number of ways depending on what you want to see and what you want to do with your data.

Daily Summary View is TimeSummit’s default display for time records and makes your payroll management a breeze.

In this view, your employees are displayed in a simple list with their time and attendance records for a specified date range visible. Daily Summary View is the quickest way to review time and attendance records as a whole and the best way to access more detailed individual employee records.

Location View

With attendance tracking, situations where you only want to view time and attendance data from specific job locations are likely to arise. With TimeSummit’s Location View you can do just that.

TimeSummit organizes your various work sites in an organized list, so you can locate the site you want to review quickly.

You can easily see what employees have worked at selected sites within a specified date range. Days that employees worked are displayed in regular font, and days they didn’t are shown in italics for simplified analysis.

Calendar View

Sometimes it’s nice to see your time and attendance records displayed in a tried and true, familiar way.

Calendar View gives you that option. With this view, our time attendance software displays your time records in an uncomplicated, calendar-like format.

Click on a particular employee to see a detailed visual representation of their time records. With this feature, time and attendance records can be split easily.

Calendar View allows you to quickly edit time and attendance records. For instance, an employee may have clocked in with one cost code for an entire day, but actually completed several different tasks you want to track separately.

With Calendar View you can seamlessly change one cost code to another in seconds.

Weekly Summary View

Weekly Summary View displays time records on a broader scope.

With this view, you can browse an employee’s hours for a given day without viewing each individual punch. If you come across an employee’s hour total that seems incorrect, you can view the details of that day’s punch ins and punch outs on the bottom of the screen.

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