ExakTime Product Family

When it comes to time and attendance systems, more options are becoming available at a rapid pace.

Different companies promise accurate time records every time. But while most time and attendance systems say these promises, ExakTime guarantees them.

Because ExakTime is extremely passionate and dedicated to providing customers with the absolute best time and attendance systems on the market, our products are backed by:

  • The Best Customer Service in the Industry
  • A 30 Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee
  • A 1-Year Warrantee on JobClocks, FastTrakkers, FastTrakker Pros and Keytab Readers

ExakTime’s innovative time and attendance systems

Another way we guarantee the best time and attendance systems on the market is through our dedication to meet the demands of many different industries – not just construction.

That’s right. Our time and attendance products are versatile.

A mobile and biometric time clock in one

ExakTime’s mobile time clock, PocketClock/GPS, uses the built-in camera of a Smartphone for a biometric time clock option.

It works when an employee, arriving at the jobsite, takes a photo of him or herself, and then sends it to the office for verification. This innovative feature was integrated into PocketClock/GPS to eliminate buddy punching.

A wireless time clock that eliminates unnecessary overtime

ExakTime also created the first wireless time clock: JobClock Hornet.

This rugged, completely wireless time and attendance system sends 100% accurate time records from the jobsite back to the office every hour. This innovative time and attendance system was created to save the time it would take for someone to travel from jobsite to jobsite collecting time records.

The constant sending of time records back to the office also eliminates unnecessary overtime at the end of a pay period.

All of ExakTime’s products were created to make the recording of your workforce’s time and attendance more accurate and to help improve your company’s bottom line.

If you’re looking for award winning time and attendance systems that are accurate, come with amazing customer service and warranties, look no further than ExakTime.