Time and attendance tracking for seasonal employees presents its own set of challenges.

Knowing which employee is assigned to which project can be difficult, especially if your employees are working on a number of projects at once.

Seasonal employees travel to new jobsites frequently, which makes knowing what work site they’re assigned to even more difficult.

Still, accurately keeping track of this information is essential to your business’s health and gives you the clear picture of operations you need to make informed decisions. Luckily, our TimeSummit software makes the whole process easier, more comprehensive and more accurate.

Complete Workforce Management

TimeSummit software gives you the flexibility you need to effectively manage seasonal employees.

Our software allows you to edit any employee information you need to. Assign employees to different job tasks quickly and easily. Need to remove an employee from a task? That process is just as simple.

The very nature of seasonal work means employees will be joining and leaving your workforce frequently when their seasonal period of employment begins or ends.

TimeSummit makes it easy to remove and add employees to your records. Best of all, there is no limit to the amount of employees you can have on file.

More Organized And Accurate Job Costing

Having your seasonal employee records stored electronically rather than on paper makes it easier and more efficient to retrieve, edit and decipher payroll records.

One of TimeSummit’s best features is that it allows you to assign remote employees job categories and codes. This not only gives you a clearer picture of just how your remote employees are spending their workdays, it also makes generating cost reports simpler and job costing more accurate.

This is especially useful for business’s that tend to employ seasonal workers like construction, landscaping or agriculture. If you’re in one of these businesses, you know doing work on a contractual basis makes accurate job estimates essential.

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