Our time and attendance tracking systems give you the ability to track cost codes (job activities), a feature that can have a significant impact on your business’ bottom line.

If you haven’t thought about tracking cost codes before, here’s why it’s worth your consideration.

Why track cost codes?

Tracking cost codes is one of the smartest things you can do for your business.

It gives you a complete picture of how your employees are using their time, how long certain projects are taking and how you’re allocating resources as a company.


Once you have this information at your finger tips you’ll be better able to make informed, impactful and profitable decisions.

Tracking cost codes and job activities is one of the best ways to identify and iron out strengths and inefficiencies in your business.

How do I track cost codes?

Tracking cost codes with ExakTime is easy.

If your workers use our JobClock Hornet wireless time clock, you can track cost codes with Keytabs or a FastTrakker handheld device.

We offer Keytabs in 10 different colors. Red and green are used for clocking in and out, but the other eight can be assigned for a specific job activity of your choosing, such as dry walling or roofing in the construction industry.

If you want to track more than a few different cost codes, our FastTrakker can track up to 1,000 customized cost codes.

Employees simply use the FastTrakker’s thumb wheel to scroll to the correct cost code, select it and touch the FastTrakker to the JobClock to begin recording time.

Bulk time entry.

Situations arise where you need to enter the same time attendance data for multiple employees – you may be tracking travel time for a whole crew or trying to enter vacation time for a company-wide holiday.

Entering this data for each employee on a one-by-one basis is time consumingTime Attendance Tracking and inefficient. It also leaves itself open to errors in time records.

The ability to track specific cost codes allows you to better handle these types of situations. Simply set up vacation time, travel time or sick time cost codes to track these activities.

The bulk time entry feature in TimeSummit, our the office hub of our time attendance software, allows you to enter blocks of time for a group of employees all at once, ensuring they all receive the accurate amount of pay.

You can choose a category of employees you’ve already preset, or individually select the employees the bulk attendance records apply to. Then, simply select the corresponding cost code, enter your time and attendance data and click “OK” apply your changes.

Have more questions about tracking cost codes or any of our other time and attendance tracking solutions? Contact us!