Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their business. And time and attendance tracking is one area where many small businesses could use improvement.

Payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses and that expense is heavily determined by the effectiveness and accuracy of your time attendance clocks.

It’s Time For Pen And Paper To Go

Simple pen and paper was the most common method for tracking time in the past. But given the wealth of technologically superior options today, there’s no excuse for still relying on this inefficient and highly flawed system.

With paper records or analog punch clocks, employees can easily alter time records in their favor or resort to buddy punching to cover their tracks.

Not only does this cost you thousands, it sends a bad message to your hardworking and trustworthy employees who see this dishonesty go unpunished.

With Time And Attendance Tracking Accuracy Is Everything

ExakTime’s time attendance clocks store and process records digitally, in real-time, delivering accuracy down to the minute. You’ll see data entry and calculation errors eliminated and no longer having to worry about your employees altering records without authorization.

Your time and attendance data can also be exported from our office time attendance software, TimeSummit, to your payroll package using AccountLinx, eliminating confusion and manual transfer errors.

Time Attendance Software Boosts Your Bottom Line Multiple Ways

Employing an ExakTime time and attendance system in your office doesn’t just save you money by eliminating inaccurate time attendance data. It also saves you money on labor costs by streamlining payroll processing.

In addition to being prone to errors, manually processing payroll takes time and manpower. An automated time and attendance system moves the process along more efficiently by automatically entering data and calculating hours.

A Digital Time Clock System Benefits Your Employees Too

Switching to an automated time and attendance system also improves employee morale. Employees no longer have to struggle to remember a week’s worth of comings and goings.

Clocking in and out is quick and easy.

An electronic time attendance system also produces an accountable workforce. Dishonest employees don’t have the option of gaming the system, while honest workers are no longer at a disadvantage for playing by the rules.

A More Complete Picture Of Your Business

Automated time attendance systems offer features that aren’t logistically possible with older time tracking methods like paper time cards.

TimeSummit allows you track job costs, equipment and specific work sites easily, efficiently and accurately, giving you a clearer picture of your business than ever before.

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