Issues surrounding employee attendance can have a major impact on the overall Time Attendance System health of your business.

Whether it’s data entry errors, employees misrepresenting the amount of time they worked, buddy punching or some combination of all three – inaccurate attendance records negatively impact your productivity, the quality of your work, your employee’s morale and ultimately your bottom line.

Make Your Attendance Policies Well Known

Many problems with employee attendance arise from simple dishonesty, but, in some instances, honest mis-communication can be the culprit. Clearly communicating your attendance policies and the consequences of not following them is essential.

Even if you have an employee handbook outlining your companies’ policies and have verbally reviewed them with your employees in the past, a refresher never hurts.

Be Consistent When Enforcing Time And Attendance Policies

The saying “Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile” applies here. You don’t need to be draconian and inflexible with your attendance polices, but you do need to be consistent about enforcing them.

When your employees see other workers getting away with time and attendance infractions it not only creates resentment, it can also inspire them to begin taking advantage of the system too.

Review Your Time Attendance Data Frequently

The only way you can identify attendance issues is by reviewing the data. The more frequently you do this, the more likely you are to catch poor attendance patterns early, address the offending party, resolve the issue and limit the damage to your bottom line.

This can be problematic if you employ an outdated time tracking system like paper time cards that can be easily forged by dishonest employees or misread by bookkeepers.

Automate Your Time And Attendance SystemTime Attendance System

It’s no secret: Using pen and paper to track your workers time is an outdated method. It’s loaded with potential opportunities for dishonest employees to game the system and bookkeepers to make data entry mistakes.

Ultimately, doing payroll each week by manually entering data from paper time cards into your payroll package is time consuming and expensive.

Automated, web-based time and attendance systems cannot only address these problems, they can prevent them in the first place. Our complete time and attendance tracking system ensures your bookkeeper is working with a 100% accurate attendance data every payroll period.

JobClock Hornet, our wireless job site time clock, makes clocking in and out easy for your employees, while also ensuring they can’t inflate their work hours.

Our companion time clock app, ExakTime Mobile, even uses the camera on your Smartphone to snap a picture of the employee clocking in or out for easy, foolproof verification back in the office – eliminating buddy punching.

Then TimeSummit, our powerful time and attendance software for your office, takes over from there, allowing you to store your important time and attendance records in a convenient, easily accessible location.

Our AccountLinx software then allows you to export the data from TimeSummit into your payroll package in mere seconds, eliminating the error-prone process of data entry all together.

Fill out a form and an ExakTime representative will happily explain the rugged hardware and robust, easy to use features that make the ExakTime system the #1 time tracker in construction.