ExakTime Product Family

If your company is still using pen and paper to record time and attendance data, now is an ideal time to switch to an automated time and attendance tracking system.

While many companies realize that their methods of time attendance tracking need updating, the prospect of completely overhauling their system appears daunting. But don’t let the idea of change discourage you.

A well-designed time attendance system should be easy to implement. Our time clocks’ intuitive interface and easy-to-use software make the transition to an automated time attendance system much smoother for both you and your employees.

Works With Your Payroll Software

Finding time attendance clocks and software that work seamlessly with the payroll package you already have can be one of the most difficult aspects during your time tracking transition.

ExakTime makes it easy with our SyncLinx and AccountLinx software.

SyncLinx allows you to export your employees, job activities and job locations from your accounting package into our time and attendance software: TimeSummit.

TimeSummit can then communicate directly with your payroll package via AccountLinx, eliminating manual data entry and the inefficiency and inaccuracy that come with it.

AccountLinx is the best way to quickly and effortlessly export time and attendance records stored in TimeSummit into your payroll package. Your records are already broken down into your specified employee and work-site groupings, so your bookkeepers won’t have to waste time reorganizing your data.

Time Attendance Systems Should Be Easy To Use

Your employees will be the ones using your mobile time clock, so their feedback is important. Finding a time clock system that is easy and intuitive to use should be a top priority.

A time tracking system that makes your workers lives easier is a system they’ll be more receptive to.

Both JobClock and PocketClock are extremely easy to use. With PocketClock, employees simply log in with their unique PIN number, press the green icon to clock in and the red icon to clock out. It’s that simple.

Clock in and out is just as easy with JobClock. Employees simply use their Keytabs or FastTrakker to start and stop tracking their time.

Want to learn more about what an automated time and attendance tracking system can do for your business? Contact us!