Time attendance clocks are a great way to improve payroll management and streamline your business. Still, not all time attendance systems are created equal. Here are five traits of our time clocks that ensure they deliver results.

  1. Time Attendance Clocks Must Be Accurate

    First and foremost, a time and attendance system is only as useful as the accuracy of the data it collects. Every year, inaccurate time and attendance records cost businesses thousands. Our time tracking system gives you 100% accurate, digital data that can’t be altered by employees or misinterpreted by your bookkeeper.

  2. Easy To Use Payroll Time Clocks Are The Best

    Time attendance clocks need to be intuitive and easy to use so your employees and payroll personnel can adapt to them quickly. With JobClock/EX, employees simply touch their green keytab to the clock to punch in and their red keytab to punch out.

    JobClock Hornet wirelessly communicates with our time clock software, TimeSummitAccountLinx , instantaneously. There, your data is automatically stored and organized so it can be transferred to your payroll software via AccountLinx in a few quick steps. It’s that simple. Our time clocks won’t be a difficult adjustment for your employees and payroll department; they’ll make their jobs easier.

  3. img-home-hornet

    Time Attendance Clocks Should Be Durable

    A time attendance clock has to be able to meet the demands of the environment it’sused in. If you’re in construction or landscaping, you need a time clock that can withstand rugged terrain and changing weather conditions. Our JobClock Hornet is housed in a military-grade plastic casing, ensuring it can take a beating and continue operating in rain, snow, sleet or shine.

  4. Payroll Time Clocks Should Allows Your Business To Expand

    Your time clock needs to be able to accommodate the growth of your company. Our time clocks allow you to track an unlimited number of employees, jobsites and cost codes, ensuring your company will never outgrow your time tracking system.

  5. ExakTime Mobile Android

    Your Time And Attendance Systems Needs To Be Versatile

    Any time and attendance system needs to be able to meet your specific needs. We offer a full range of time clocks suited to any environment or use. ClockpointConnnect is perfect for the office, JobClock is ideally suited for the shop or worksite, and our PocketClock/GPS is great for mobile employees. Whatever your time tracking needs, we have a unique option that will deliver results.

Want to learn more about our time attendance clocks and how they can improve your business? Reach out to us.