As the saying goes, time is money. Our time attendance clocks and software make time tracking and payroll management more time efficient and cost effective processes all the way around.

Here are three reason why.

Easy Time And Attendance Tracking

Using a pen and paper time attendance system requires your employees to remember their hours worked and manually jot down their information at the end of the week.

Recalling a week’s worth of attendance data isn’t just a lengthy process. It leads to inaccurate data, intentional or not, that will cost your business thousands in payroll.

Our time attendance clocks make the whole process more precise and efficient.

With JobClocks, employees simply touch their green Keytab to the clock to time in and their red one to time out. With our mobile time clock, PocketClockGPS, workers simply login with their unique PIN and tap the green “Go” icon to clock in and the red “Stop” icon to clock out.

The data your time attendance clock collects can then be sent to our time tracking hub in your office, TimeSummit, in a few simple steps.

Whatever time attendance clock option you choose, you’ll see the accuracy of your data improved and the time it takes to collect it shortened.

Employee Management Software That Works Smart And Fast

Sorting through and organizing the time and attendance data you receive from employees yourself can be a daunting task. It’s a time consuming one too, especially if you want to evaluate specific job sites, job activities, employees or time frames.

TimeSummit allows you to organize your data into over 40 specific, easy to read reports with a few simple clicks. It also automatically calculates shift rounding, overtime, lunch, and travel.

Using your tracked job activities and attendance data, TimeSummit can also provide rough estimations of future job and labor costs.

Our time attendance software instantly supplies breakdowns of your data that take human analysts hours to produce.

High-Speed And Precise Payroll Management

Our time and attendance system will save you a significant amount of time on payroll every week.

With paper and pencil time cards, your bookkeeper needs to manually analyze each card and hand enter the data into your payroll software. Not only is this time consuming work, it also naturally lends itself to inaccuracies and human error.

TimeSummit streamlines the process and keeps your data accurate.

SyncLinx allows you to import your employees, job locations and job activities from your payroll software to TimeSummit seamlessly.

Once your time attendance software and payroll package are sharing data, attendance data stored in TimeSummit can be sent to your payroll software in mere seconds via AccountLinx.

It’s that easy.

Want to learn more about how our time and attendance tracking systems can save your business time and money? Get in touch with us.