Our time attendance software is the perfect time tracking hub for your ExakTime mobile, portable or wireless time clock. If you want to make payroll a breeze with more accurate, well-organized time and attendance records, our software does exactly that.

ExakTime’s time attendance software allows you to:

  • Manage and edit time and attendance records gathered from your ExakTime mobile time clock
  • Organize groups of employees, locations and cost codes efficiently
  • Instantly calculate daily and weekly overtime, shift rounding, lunch and travel
  • Use multiple computers at the same time
  • Transfer your time and attendance records to your payroll software with AccountLinx
  • Back up your time and attendance data so it can be restored in the event of a computer failure

TimeSummit time attendance software

TimeSummit, our powerful time attendance software, works seamlessly with all our time and attendance systems. This software puts a number of useful features at your fingertips.

Manage employees, job activities, equipment and work sites all in one location. Time, attendance, work and equipment data is received wirelessly and instantaneously from your mobile time clock, allowing you to monitor distant work sites in real time.

Over 40 reporting options allow you to find a format that best fits your business.

TimeSummit records are also easily accessible, making reviewing and editing data quick and easy.

SyncLinx & AccountLinx time attendance software

Save your accounting staff time with our time attendance software – freeing them from manually entering employee information by hand.

SyncLinx imports your employees, locations and job activities to TimeSummit in seconds. Then AccountLinx steps in and exports your time and attendance records to your accounting software.

This time and attendance software duo is the best of both worlds, reducing time spent on data entry while ensuring records are 100% accurate, which means you’ll save money.

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