Many companies have turned to ExakTime to help them improve the accuracy of their time and attendance system and eliminate time theft. But our time attendance solutions can help your business in more ways than one.

They’re also a great way to speed up and smooth out your payroll processing. Case in point: San Antonio-based Alpha Insulation and Waterproofing Inc.

Searching For Payroll Management Solutions

Prior to implementing the ExakTime System, Alpha had relied on superintendents at each of its seven regional branches to remember employees’ attendance records and manually enter that data into a spreadsheet in Excel. The system was a major time drain, taking several hours every payroll period to complete.

In 2008, Alpha’s president was looking for a way to iron out those inefficiencies in their payroll processing system. He chose ExakTime’s time and attendance system to help and the results have been nothing short of a smashing success.

See how it works.

Time And Attendance Software That Works

The company tested ExakTime’s system first in the Austin office and when the results were positive they implemented it in their San Antonio branch.

Greg Wiatrek, director of operations at the San Antonio office said employees adapted quickly-from clocking in and out with our JobClock to managing attendance records with our time attendance software, TimeSummit– because the system is so easy to use.

The transition was made even smoother by the responsiveness of ExakTime’s support team to any concerns the company had.

Most importantly, the switch has saved them a considerable amount of time on payroll and addressed any inaccuracies they experienced with their old time tracking and payroll processing system.

Expanding The ExakTime System

The ExakTime system has been implemented nearly company wide, with about 95 percent of their jobsites using a JobClock. Now Alpha uses 400 JobClocks at almost 100 different work sites nationwide every week.

The company is also plans on implementing our data exportation software, AccountLinx, which will eliminate all manual data entry by giving them a way to wirelessly export attendance records from TimeSummit into their own payroll package.

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