Tracking employee time and attendance—not that important, right? Ha. You and all contractors well know you have to track labor hours for a variety of reasons, liability first among them. But tracking hours right is actually crucial to the success of your business.

That’s why it’s critical to have an efficient and effective system for collecting and storing time and attendance records. Forget error prone paper timesheets—they’re costing you money. A web-based time clock for construction is a cost-effective way to get accurate time records that you can use to make informed decisions about your business and stay profitable.

Time Attendance Systems

There are several easy ways to integrate an ExakTime time and attendance system into your business to keep accurate records. Each option below has been tried and tested over the years to deliver valuable timesheet information.

Mobile Time Clock App

A mobile time clock app turns each employee’s mobile device into an efficient workforce management tool that allows you to track workers’ time and location. You can use ExakTime Mobile to monitor employees across multiple job sites with geofences and GPS timestamps that decrease time theft as well as biometric technology that helps put an end to buddy punching.

JobClock Hornet

The next solution is one of our award-winning time clocks.

JobClock Hornet is perfect for construction companies because it’s wireless, durable and built to work in tough environments. It’s the ideal time attendance system for dusty, dirty or inclement weather-prone job sites.

Construction site attendance is not all it tracks either. You can use the wireless time clock to collect data on locations and job activities, all in real time. Best of all, the data is digital and delivered automatically, so your bookkeeper won’t have to deal with handwritten, inaccurate paper time cards anymore.

ExakTime Connect

After you have collected your time and attendance data, our time tracking software steps in to make that data more accessible and organized. ExakTime Connect allows you to manage and edit your time and attendance records all in one place no matter which of our time clocks you used to collect it.

You’ll have access to a dashboard where you can see in real time which employees are clocked in, labor hours logged, job costing information and much more. You’ll also be able to generate and print reports that give you a better picture of your business than ever before, allowing you to make informed decisions that can help you cut back on unneeded costs and get ahead.

Finally, with our time clock app or rugged clocks, all of the collected data is securely stored in the cloud where you can sync your timesheet information to your preferred accounting software for much easier, quicker payroll.