As a business, tracking employee time and attendance is one of your most important functions. It gives you the information you need to make informed and profitable decisions.

That is why it’s important to have an efficient and effective time attendance system for collecting and storing time and attendance records.

Forget paper.

ExakTime has all the components you need to build the best digital time attendance system for your business.

The Best Time Clocks For Your Time Attendance System

Your ExakTime time attendance system starts with one of our time clocks. Whatever time tracking needs your business demands, ExakTime has a time clock perfectly tailored to meet them.


Mobile time clocks are perfect time attendance systems for construction companies and other businesses with employees frequently offsite and on the go.

Our PocketClock/GPS software instantly turns any Smartphone or Tablet into a time clock. PocketClock/GPS collects time and attendance data in real time. Data can be sent back to your bookkeeper in the office straight from your device using our JobClock.NET cloud service.


JobClock/EX is perfect for construction companies because it’s portable, durable and built to work – rain, snow or shine. Your employees’ time and attendance isn’t all it tracks either.

Use your JobClock/EX to collect data on locations and job activities all in real-time.

Best of all, the data is digital so your bookkeeper won’t have to deal with handwritten, often inaccurate paper timecards anymore. Touch our handheld FastTrakker device to your time clock to collect the data or to track up to 1,000 custom job activities, cost codes or job phases.

Our time attendance system takes care of the rest.

ClockPoint Connect

ClockPoint Connect is the perfect in-office time attendance system because it utilizes the convenience of the Internet.

Employees simply clock in and out on any Internet-connected computer with their own username and password.

ClockPoint Connect can track an unlimited amount of workers, making it perfect for any business, big or small. And like our other time clocks, ClockPoint Connect is more than just an attendance tool. You can categorize job activities, track work projects and manage worksites and cost codes.


After you’ve collected your time and attendance data, our time tracking software steps in to make that data more accessible and organized.

TimeSummit allows you to manage and edit your time and attendance records all in one place – no matter which of our time clocks you used to collect it. Generate and print reports that give you a better picture of your business than ever before.

Best of all, TimeSummit makes payroll a breeze by allowing you to transfer your attendance data to your accounting software in a few easy steps using AccountLinx.