Business owners sometimes hesitate to move away from a working system to try out time clock software options out of fear. They buy into the myth that this new technology is difficult to adopt and use, and won’t stand the test of time like traditional paper time card methods have over the years.

This indecision on the part of business owners is usually based on a fear of change. Whatever the hassle and inaccuracies involved, they keep telling themselves that their time tracking system does its job. Somehow, someway, hours get logged and checks get cut each week.

It’s All About Improvement

ExakTime’s time clock software, central command for our powerful mobile solution, is designed to simplify your payroll process by making payroll faster and more accurate, so that your business can save valuable time as well as money. We’ve built our software to integrate with most accounting programs. This way your business won’t have to abandon its current system, but will benefit from an improved payroll process.

Technology Moves Fast, And So Do We

When it comes to technology, it’s important to keep up with trends. We strive to constantly evolve our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. We were fast to implement a highly successful mobile time tracking solution that we are continually evolving to meet and exceed the market’s demands. The same can be said for our time clock software.

This is all because we know that when we can keep our clients up to speed, they continue to see significant annual savings that help them grow their business and give them an edge on the competition. Mission accomplished.

The Case Studies Prove It

It’s easy for us to talk up our services and back them up with reviews. But we’ve taken it a step further by offering detailed case studies from real businesses that highlight the positive change they’ve seen since they began using ExakTime’s time clock software to improve their payroll process.

Check out one or two of these studies and see if there is an industry, business size or set of pain points that resonates with your business, and you’ll quickly see how you too could benefit from ExakTime’s offerings.

At the end of the day, we want to help you succeed, and we do that by making sure our products and services support you now and over the long haul. We aren’t going anywhere…except back to work to serve you better!