All businesses aim to run efficiently, but many fail to apply this simple concept when it comes to tracking their workers’ time and attendance.

While businesses are constantly striving to better their practices and technology, they often fall short in implementing effective time clock software to track their workforce.

Superior Time Clock Software

While paper time cards have been the traditional method to track employees for decades, they are no longer effective. In fact, they cost businesses thousands of dollars each year.

In addition to the work that you are not receiving, you are also spending valuable time and money collecting and processing those time cards.

By adopting our award-winning time clock software, you can update your business’ technology and capacity for efficiency, thus growing your business and making it more profitable by saving you previously wasted time and money.

How Our Time Clock Software Works

Our time clocks are tailored depending on your business’ needs. But no matter the difference, they’re all simple to use and easy to implement with any workforce.

If you need a rugged, portable time clock outside, our JobClock/EX offers the right time tracking solution for you. If your worksites are far away from your office and you don’t want to worry about retrieving time records, our completely wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet, will wirelessly deliver the records for you.

And, if you want to track employees on the Smartphone you already own, our PocketClock/GPS mobile time tracking app will do the work for you and validate the exact location of your workers as well.

After the records are transmitted back to your office, our exporting software, AccountLinx, sends them right to your accounting software – QuickBooks for example – for you to complete your payroll processing.

ExakTime’s time clock software allows you to innovate your business practices and make them both accurate and efficient. Best of all, it is completely automated, easy to use and 100% reliable!

Contact us today to build a better time and attendance system for your business using our time clock software.